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This Website is published and maintained by Devin J. Dolphin. For comments & Suggestions or Complaints please contact AIRRES. Contact information listed below on this page. Thank you for visiting.



              This is the "home page" of the A.I.R.R.E.S. Which is (Alaska Information Radio Reading and Educational Services) website. A.I.R.R.E.S. is unique in Alaska.  It is the only broadcast reading service for blind and print impaired people in the state.  A.I.R.R.E.S. is now providing many of Alaska's local newspapers, 12 national magazines, plus American Council of the Blind (ACB), ACB Cafe, ACB Treasure Trove, a couple of BBC channels, and National public radio (NPR) for our listeners throughout the state via special "blind-friendly" internet receivers. We provide The blind and Print impaired with a special radio to listen to various entertainment and educational channels. A.I.R.R.E.S. provides the internet receiver for FREE.  All the listener does is provide an internet connection (broadband or DSL) Please click here for our selection of stations that are offered worldwide & Nationwide. Custom stations are modified by contacting our office *Note: File is still being updated. However, we would appreciate an e-mail telling us you dropped by and what you thought of the site, etc. Click here to go to the "Old time radio" page to listen to your favorite programs. We provide the listener with audio services to assist in your reading and educational activities.  Please feel welcome to come in and explore. 


For our IRIS Internet Radio We have a large selection of available customizable stations for the listener. You may choose any station you wish up to a maximum number of 61 total per internet radio for proper functionality. There are thousands of options with this database. Please click here for a list of the stations that are offered Nation Wide, World Wide & Podcast Directory. You will need to contact our office (907-563-2121) or (1-800-974-2121 outside anchorage) in order to change your current stations. Please give the Category (Example: Colorado Stations) and number of the audio when calling (Example: number <1,2,3,4,5> which is listed on the left side of the station.. DSL connection is minimum for these radios as they stream audio from another source and require adequate connection speed to maintain performance.


Our radio service broadcasts on a sub-station carrier of KSKA radio frequency to bring you our radio reading broadcast Monday-through Friday 8am to 4pm.For audio services 24/7 please request an IRIS receiver (or view all of our programs online at the links below) which has all of our audio programs via the internet. This receiver is similar to a Television, It has most of the programs we offer, It is a multi-channel radio that gives our listeners education, entertainment and news from the comfort of their homes. If you are interested in One or just would like to try them out please contact us at the phone number listed below.


If you or someone you know would like to donate any "Old Time Radio" Programs please feel free to contact us


Please Feel welcome to phone us at:


We would appreciate feedback as to how we are doing. Is there something you would like to listen to? Is there a certain program that you have been eager to hear? Then Please call us with comments and/or suggestions or how we can improve. Thanks for your input.


You can also email us at if you prefer.


(907) 563-2121 or (888) 974-2121 for toll free callings,


Please note: If no one answers please leave a message with your name and a good contact phone number so we can call you back.


Thank you for coming by.  We hope you will come again soon.


Please also visit our other blind organization from the same office at



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